The Golden State Warriors have once again shown their dominance in the NBA, this time against the Houston Rockets, in a blowout win that ended 135-105 in their favor.

The Warriors had a strong start from the get-go, with Klay Thompson scoring a quick 5 points in the first quarter, followed by Stephen Curry making a 3-pointer and a layup to help them establish an early lead. The Rockets had a hard time keeping up, and the Warriors managed to extend their lead to 19 points by halftime.

In the second half, the Rockets attempted to mount a comeback, led by James Harden, who finished the game with 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. However, the Warriors continued to maintain their lead, with Thompson making 3-pointers and Kevin Durant putting up a solid performance with 23 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists.

The Warriors showed a remarkable level of teamwork and efficiency, with Thompson scoring 40 points, Curry contributing 24 points, and Draymond Green dishing out 17 assists. They also had an impressive shooting percentage of 54.9%, compared to the Rockets’ 37.1%.


The Warriors’ defense also played a key role in the game, with Durant and Green shutting down the Rockets’ offense and causing turnovers. The Rockets managed to hit only 8 out of 35 attempts from beyond the arc, thanks to the Warriors’ defense.

This victory marks the Warriors’ fifth consecutive win and puts them at a 34-14 record, maintaining their position as one of the top teams in the league. Meanwhile, the Rockets, who sit at 27-21, must regroup and come up with a new strategy if they hope to make the playoffs this season.

Overall, the Warriors’ dominant win against the Rockets showcases their superior skills both offensively and defensively. Their teamwork and efficiency have once again proven why they are a team to be reckoned with in the NBA.

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